Narrative Select is launching its AI-based image selection application for Windows

As the Ambassador of this program, I believe it’s my responsibility to present it to you in detail, and I’m available to answer any questions you might have. If you’re eager to get started, you can download it now from here: Narrative Select download for Windows/MacOS.

Professional photographers universally agree that the process of selecting images is crucial, yet time-consuming. James Broadbent, the founder of Narrative Select, used to spend long hours in front of the screen until his company launched Select – an AI-assisted image selection software that now helps thousands of photographers select their photos more quickly and easily.

The distinction between automation and AI assistance is essential. Despite the current interest in artificial intelligence (AI), many aspects of photography require human understanding, emotion, and creative control, and photo selection is one of them.

For a photo to have significant meaning for clients, it needs more than technical perfection. Even if some photos are blurred, they could capture a tender, irreproducible moment between a couple or their wedding guests. AI can point out poorly or well-executed images, but it doesn’t know the story behind each shot.

Therefore, photographers should develop their curatorial skills using tools that facilitate the selection process, without taking away their creative autonomy and decision-making ability.

Narrative Select for smarter and faster photo selection

Since its launch, Narrative Select has become one of the most popular tools photographers use for photo selection, with 33% of them using it to assist in image selection. It sits between Adobe Lightroom Classic (used by 40% of users) and PhotoMechanic (30% of users), according to a survey conducted by Narrative in 2022.

Broadbent attributes Select’s popularity to it reducing the time photographers spend on photo selection by at least half. Additionally, he highlights the creative autonomy that AI features offer photographers, seamlessly integrating into their workflows. The software doesn’t decide which photos users should keep. Instead, it uses fast features that help photographers find successful photos within seconds, while simultaneously highlighting those photos unlikely to make the final gallery.

Select achieves this through features like eye and focus evaluation to flag subjects that are blurry or have their eyes closed. Additionally, the Scenes View feature is included, which ranks images from best to worst within each scene, and the Closeups panel, which automatically zooms in on each subject’s face, saving the time needed to do this manually. Besides its smart features, Select uses keyboard shortcuts to facilitate photographers’ quick evaluation and navigation from one photo to another. Rapid image importing also speeds up workflow, so users don’t waste time waiting for photos to load each time.

Once photographers have completed the selection process, they can import the selected files directly into Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and Capture One. After spending years perfecting the product from scratch, Select was only available for photographers who used macOS. But it was only a matter of time before Narrative’s developers made it possible for Windows users to start using Select for photo selection. With 18% of photographers using Windows for editing and selection, there are many creatives who haven’t had access to the software – until now.

With Narrative Select already processing over a billion images per year, introducing the software to Windows users will bring the product to all photographers. Photographers who use either macOS or Windows can visit the Narrative website, which will automatically download the correct software version. The minimum operating system requirement is Windows 8.

You can start with the Select Free plan, which includes a trial of Select Pro with advanced AI features. Select Pro costs $20 billed monthly or $180 on an annual subscription. You can download it now from here: Narrative Select download for Windows/MacOS.