How to Cull Your Images Faster with Narrative Select totally Free

One of my worst nightmare is culling my wedding photos. Because I shoot thousands images. So, for culling I was using Adobe Lightroom or PhotoMechanic, but my life become more beautiful from 2021, when I started using Narrative Select  🙂 ! And yeah, I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for this smart software. Lighting speed previewing and selecting make my life easier. And if you’re using Windows OS, maybe this is a good reason for switching to MacOS, because Narrative Select is available only on this operating system !

Eye and Focus assessments - Narrative Select
Narrative Select shows you when someone’s eyes are closed, partially closed, and even mid blink ! And do not worry about out of focus images ! It will show you that too. Even gives you a focus score on a scale from 0 to 100.

Narrative Select software is based around AI technology, which means that it automatically find people’s faces and ranks them based on if eyes are open and if the photo is in focus. Even the images are quick loading ! Another interesting thing for me as a wedding and family photographer, in special for group photos, is the close-up panel with a quick preview of every face detected in a single photo !

And the most important feature for me is… to cull in Scene view (shortcut “S”) because Narrative Select groups the related images and it is easier for me to select from images that looks almost the same (as a an example, you can see the scenes in the left part). After selecting images with the keyboard shortcuts, you have the option to instantly import to Adobe Lightroom !

Narrative Select Free Photography Culling  Software
Narrative Select Free Photography Culling Software – free 6 projects / month

This software has a free plan, and this is amazing, because you have 6 projects per calendar month at maximum power, with no restrictions ! That means you will now have acces to all core and advanced feature of Narrative Select ! What do you say about that ? Just sign-up, download and start using it !