Emotions, naturalness and story in wedding photography

A title that sounds a bit poetic, right? They say that a photo is worth a thousand words, so let's let the feelings and emotions of the wedding be captured by the photographer, without being shy or ashamed. In years and years, how much will the image with a tear of joy on the grandmother's cheek be worth? Or hugging the father of the bride? Priceless for a long time! Let's stop being afraid to hide our feelings and create a shield just because we think what the world around us will say. Feel free and natural! And don't be afraid of photographers or videographers anymore! They are there for you, so that the memories remain alive for years and years to come, and to be remembered fondly! Personally, I tell the bride and groom to ignore the presence of the camera near them and even tell the other guests.


One thing that struck me, not only me, but also most wedding photographers from all over the world, is looking at the subject in the camera. I prefer to tell the story of the event unaltered by my presence among the other people. I am sitting among the bride and groom and guests, very close. Just to capture the story of the wedding day. The beauty of the moment is extinguished if something happens and upon sensing the presence of the photographer, everyone will look into the camera. Group photos will also be taken, and then we can look in the room. And I insist on group photos, and my opinion is that they value more than the photo session on the wedding day (which you can do on another day, the so-called After Wedding photo session). The godparents, being in a secondary role, it is almost impossible to forget to take photos with them, but let's be careful with the parents or grandparents! We insisted all day that photos be taken with the parents, and they were still forgotten. šŸ™

One thing that is still practiced are group photos at the tables, the bride and groom standing next to them. With 10 guests at the table, together with the wine glasses, the Cola bottles and the floral arrangements next to them. A successful picture, right? Why is this still being done? Because we are ashamed to go and wake them up from the table. But for whom did they come to the wedding? Not for the bride and groom? So they can stand up, for a minute, next to the wall. Or there are cases when these photos at the table do not interest the bride and groom and they only do them for the sake of the world, so that the guests do not say that they did not take pictures with them. I, personally, refuse to take photos at the tables. An example of YES: below is a group photo, with the three generations of the family.

The bride is dressed in the following way. The dress is already on, and the bridesmaids are miming as they close the buttons. Most of the time he also looks into the room. I consider them fake, meaningless moments! Otherwise, the reactions are surprising when the young ladies "struggle" to close the dress. So let's stop miming and let things unfold naturally!