Denisa & Florin | Wedding photos | Craiova

The wedding photographer is not just a service provider. It is more than that. Because he is close to the bride and groom both before and throughout the wedding, he can also be a wedding planner and psychologist and... their friend!

Although it doesn't always turn out as you planned, it was a beautiful event. With the emotions specific to the event and with honest fun. Returning to communication and the close relationship with the bride and groom, there is also a bank: "Who is the man who stays the longest with the bride, on the wedding day? Well, it's not the groom, but the photographer! :))"

A year ago, the civil wedding also took place, and I invite you to see it, or as in TVR's old New Year's Eve: "If you want to see it again..."

Denisa & Florin | Civil wedding photos | Craiova

What wedding photos do I post on the blog? Simple! The ones I like. Sometimes there are many black and white photos, but I try to tell the story of the wedding, as it happened, in more or less colors.

Because I liked the event, I got carried away, and I have attached 60 images from this wedding below. Quite a lot, although I still try to put as few as possible and keep the essentials. Because "less is more".

The bride had one of the most beautiful dresses I have photographed, as well as a long veil, often blown by the wind, to my delight! ????

And one last mention. The wedding party took place at the Portobello Ballroom Restaurant, in the Plaza Summer Club complex.

A few days later, I went to Sibiu, for the photo session after the wedding. You can find it here: Denisa & Florin | After Wedding Photos | Sibiu

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