What do wedding photos do in the off-season?

We can say that it is an article both for clients, to get to know us as a mentality, thinking, personality, as well as for other wedding photographers.

And let's answer the question in the title: I still take photos! But this time in my studio Laurentiu Nica – Photo Studio Craiova ! How did it get here? Simple! Read more.

I like communities of people who share the same passion, or the same job. How the guilds used to be. Thus, friendships are made more easily, ideas are exchanged and the services offered to clients are improved. May I add that you can also have fun in groups like this? So I don't agree with envy and malice between wedding photos. There is room for everyone, because we are different both in style and personality! Another advantage: we can recommend each other!

Photo: Alexandru Iurasog / with post-processing done by me

We can drink a coffee together and discuss various things, but we can also participate in karting competitions (Drift Karting Craiova) and many others. Florin Belega came up with the idea to take some creative profile photos in the studio. Living in the online era, I really needed something new on the Facebook page, on the website where the wedding photos are displayed or on various national and international communities / organizations in the field. "Come to my studio!", I said. Andrei Staicu also joined this idea. I like the new generation of photographers, "open-minded" and with new ideas. The wedding photography industry needs a refresh. There is a difference of almost 10 years between me, Florin and Andrei, but it is not felt in our communication.

Let's go back to my studio, with a pizza party, but without Florin's long-awaited sauce! :)))

laurentiu nica florin belega andrei staicu photographer craiova

We have at our disposal three brands of cameras (Nikon, Canon, Sony), lenses of your choice and a good mood. Andrei felt at home and started to reconfigure the lights in the most creative way possible. And he succeeded ! Beyond the serious pictures, let's call them artistic, we also have funny frames. In the live video made by Florin on Instagram, he caught me dressed in a shirt and tie, but with my skis on my feet, and George Secu 's reply in the comments was "Laurentiu, if he still doesn't go skiing anymore, do pictures with them!" :)))

Below are some images taken together, but post-processed by me. Have fun !

Laurentiu Nica - Craiova Wedding Photographer
Yeah, that s me!

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