Andreea and Alex Wedding photos | Craiova

"Do we also have some serious pictures?" That's what Alex asked me after the few images posted on Facebook before I finished editing and delivering them. This is what happens when you deal with people full of life, fun and funny. The wedding is not a reason for stress, an obligation. It's fun with family, friends, loved ones. It is a reason to celebrate love.

I have never photographed so much at a wedding. That's also because I didn't have time to put the camera down. There was always something going on and I would have been sorry to miss it. As you will see, there are many funny and romantic images. I describe the wedding exactly as it was. In fact, this is also my job. To document the wedding as it is. Let the photos remain the memories of the couple. After years and years, the niece would open the album and say: "Grandma, what a beautiful wedding you had!"

There are also many black and white photos. This is because the message of the image often loses its power due to the colors. Such as emotional images for example.

I love weddings like this!