Amelia & Ivo | Civil wedding photos | Craiova

Falar Português? Spanish egg? No, only English. This is how the first words with the parents of Ivo, Amelia's husband, can be summed up. I think there were others, but I didn't understand anything :))

Apart from the actual documentation of the event, in which you do nothing but be attentive and capture the right frames, there is also the photo shoot. My ideal is relaxation. The couple relaxes, they feel together, they momentarily forget about my existence and the shots become natural, funny, romantic. This can be seen in the images below. And I come up with ideas, and so do they. The photo session of this event took place in the Old Center of Craiova, and here I had some inspiration. Thank you for the kindness of Toska and Charger cafes to welcome us on their terrace for some photos. Inside the Frames and Mirrors Store, I saw portraits of Nicolae Ceausescu or Stalin framed on the wall, together with the coat of arms of communist Romania. Ivo performed the military honor. And that's how the cover image of this blog post came out.